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Bare Subscription: Consistent Growth for your digital platform.

In our modern world, what’s new is what counts. Which means consistency is everything. Keeping your audience updated and bringing new content to the table is now the cornerstone of your success.

This is why we created the Bare Subscription. It’s a monthly package suitable for both new or growing websites and ecommerce stores. They allow you to implement a strategy and ensure your site is always focused on results.

Consistency breeds success

Imagine taking your online presence from being just another thing to handle to one of your greatest assets. Your brand’s online presence becoming a tool to drive new followers and new business, working inline with your marketing efforts and creating a genuine impact to your bottom line.

All with a minimal investment from you and all with input from those who have done it before.

Websites that function this way aren’t made overnight. The companies who leverage their online platform to be a genuine asset for their business know that it’s the result both applied expertise, and consistent efforts.

Attention is the new currency online, every single website, social media outlet and advert is fighting for a user’s time and attention. Which is why keeping your followers updated, adapting your design and growing in response to feedback, it’s these ongoings efforts, however big or small, that are the compounding efforts that lead to a successful digital platform.

However, these expertise and know how to then apply them consistently can be an expensive and time consuming job.

“Bare’s help has been very valuable to us throughout the subscription. It enabled us to tap design and programming skills beyond the setup of our shop and helped us build our brand and raise awareness about our products.”

Benedict Schweiger – Tango Golf

Your new dedicated team

BUT… without the long term commitment, large upfront cost, or risk of an untested freelancer from an online job board.

Running a business, and the successful online presence to drive it, can be like having two full time jobs. Your users and customers will always be searching for your newest content and developments in your online presence.

They want to know that your website is current. It inspires trust (as it suggests modern safety protocols), it sparks interest (as they don’t want to miss what you do next) and it creates the kind of engagement that captures attention by driving a conversation between your company and your user.

Keeping people up to date and consistently developing a brand which grows and evolves over time can be the difference between a top performing website and one that never produces a return.

However, if you’re already staying at the top of your game in your own industry, how do you find the time to also become an expert in design, marketing and all it involves? (User experience, branding, content marketing etc)

The best solution? A dedicated design team to oversee your brand and become it’s champion, considering the user at every step the process and making the changes which create big results.

The Packages

The packages available are designed for new or existing store or website owners who want to consistently improve and grow.

Ongoing Growth Subscription

Asses. Improve. Repeat.

A growth subscription can start as low as just £150 for a monthly set of tasks. These tasks could be visual, development, or marketing based. We can work with you to setup a strategy for either a digital platform, or ecommerce store and then implement the growth over time.

We advise, but you’re always in control.

Digital platform + subscription

Perfect for a fresh start or re-launch

A new website build ending with a fully functioning content managed website, from which you can build and engage with an audience.

Combining the build with a subscription allows you to build your brand while the site is being built, increasing your online presence before you even launch and ensuring you hit the ground running when you do!

Ecommerce solution + subscription

Perfect to start making sales online

A new Shopify store build that will end with a fully functioning ecommerce solution, allowing you to sell products and make money online.

Combining the creation of a store with a subscription allows you to begin to build your customer base before there’s even a website to buy from. So many online businesses stay quiet until their store is live but you can grow interest and a customer base from day one!

If you’re interested in any of the packages or just want to discuss your options. Send a quick email to Rich at the address below and we can arrange a free 30 minute consultation to find what will work best.

How the Subscription Packages work

So what are the subscription packages?

They’re a monthly subscription led by a dedicated team, who get to know your business inside and out.

First, we work together to asses your current needs. A subscription is the perfect framework for long term improvement and growth of your digital platform, as it frees you up to focus on what your good at while allowing us to apply our knowledge where we work best.

We do a set amount of work every month, on what we have worked together to define to be most pressing tasks within your design and marketing needs.

We learn your business over time, and become the champion of your brand, however every hour you spend is put to work. You’re not hiring a full time designer who only works when there’s something to do, you’re hiring specialists who get to you know your business, grow with it, but who are only paid a set monthly fee and are only paid for the work they do.

The perfect balance of investment and results for a growing business or expanding brand.

“It was important for us to work with a web designer who made every effort to understand our business and how we wished to present ourselves. Rich ticked all these boxes and more. He has been intuitive, creative and efficient in delivering our website.”

Nicky Barkes – JMB Property

Consider using this if…

You’ve tried outsourcing before but have either been let down or found freelancers on one off gigs to not be insightful enough to drive your brand forward.

You are starting out with a new digital platform or ecommerce software and want to prove your business model before committing to a huge spend.

You know that professional UX/UI designs impact conversion and are an investment that produce a return.

For online stores, you want to go beyond the basic setup of an online store as you know ecommerce sales are the result of bespoke design which considers the user’s experience, and are often not achieved through cookie cutter solutions.

You want to grow your online business, and have a lot of ideas on how to do, but can’t waste time exploring paths that don’t lead to results, you want people with experience to help guide you consistently as you grow and expand your brand.

You are looking to establish a high-quality and ongoing relationship with an expert.

The 80/20 of growth

Moving to a model of smaller and consistent tasks better reflects the digital landscape we live in today. Rather than a large upfront investment of both time and funds that could see you go in the wrong direction, a subscription has built in course correction and can result in a better return.

There are websites out there with no bells and whistles creating solid engagement, while others are trying everything they can think of and having very little impact.

The difference between the two is their focus. The successful store is focused on promoting where they are already seeing success.

A subscription model allows you to focus on these areas of biggest return by re-assessing every month.

We take the role of an in house creative, and become a champion for your brand. We consult with you to identify the most pressing need of your online business, address it, then rinse and repeat.

No long lead times, no massive up front costs. Just a clear focus on identifying improvements, and implementing them quickly, the 20 percent of investment which makes the 80 percent of results!

If you’re interested in any of the packages or just want to discuss your options. Send a quick email to Rich at the address below and we can arrange a free 30 minute consultation to find what will work best.

Who are we?

The team at the Bare Digital Company have been designing and building professional eCommerce solutions for over 10 years on open source ecommerce platforms and Shopify websites. With work experience gained from professional agencies within the esteemed design and digital hubs of the UK, our ecommerce expertise, and the unique ecommerce UX understanding, technical knowledge, and project management that goes with it is the result of working with hundreds of people and helping them find success online.

We now apply this knowledge to people looking to improve or start their online store journey. Making available the kind of experience and service that is usually behind a high up front cost or time investment not practical for smaller and mid size businesses.