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Tango Golf


Tango Golf


Shopify ecommerce


Focusing on the right things

Tango Golf came to Bare digital with a basic ecommerce site that they wanted to take the next level. They had an idea, a brand, but it was only yielding a very small return. All the elements, from the site design, to the system the site was built on, needed to be improved upon as until now they had been working on the site themselves.

They wanted their brand to grow in to a bigger business, and knew they had the market to take it there. However, as they were still a growing business they didn’t have an unlimited budget to take it there.

We worked with them to first identify what would be the highest leverage elements to change and improve, and then got to work on beautifully executing those high leverage improvements.

Leveraging what works

Firstly, we built the site to work on Shopify. Moving to the Shopify ecommerce system opened up a world of possibilities for the Tango Golf team while still keeping a small cost commitment. Through the drop shipping and integrated systems that link with Shopify, they were able to offer accessories and more than triple their product offering.

On a visual level, we enhanced the feel of the brand to sit alongside other sporting brands, showcasing products in full context. Combined with social proof from testimonials and reviews, meant that the professionally executed visuals reflected the mission of the Tango Golf team, and enhanced conversion from their advertising and organic traffic by promoting trust, rather than acting as a barrier to sales.

By using the core colours sparingly throughout the Shopify website, the attention of the user is drawn to key navigation hotspots, implemented to great effect on the hovering checkout integration. This feature created a frictionless purchase process, allowing for the option of a simple 2 step buying process from any page on the site.

Big wins from a targeted focus

Our work to improve design didn’t just add to the visuals, but enhanced the shopping experience of every user, resulting in improved conversion for the business. This combined with the social proof weaved throughout the site, the business now looked, felt, and had all the features of a professional sporting brand. Achieved by focusing only on the highest leverage features of the website.

On a management level, the switch to the Shopify ecommerce system meant where they were limited before by what they could offer due to time and stock constraints, they now had more ways to convert, while also reducing the time spent managing the logistics of the business.