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Nixor Build


Nixor Build


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The need for a brand

Oftentimes when creating a new brand, companies feel restricted by what those around them in the same marketplace are doing.

You want your business to stand out, however you don’t want to move so far away from your competitors that potential clients don’t make the connection to what it is you do.

Sometimes branding seems like a secondary job, especially as you can’t make a direct connection between updating your brand and making sales. It’s like playing the long game with your client.

Nixor design and build is a local construction company based on the south coast, they are growing a successful and reliable company offering a service that the typical builder does not.

Finding the balance

We created a the full brand for Nixor, striking the balance between incorporating elements of their industry, but also reflecting that they were a contemporary company with a unique approach to their work.

The trades is not usually an area where you see modern design ideas used to express what a company about. However sometimes it only take a few elements to really make the difference and make a company stand out amongst their peers.