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Knowing where to begin

So many businesses look to make a huge investment up front, creating a feature filled website from day one. This never allows them to asses what is truly creating the results they are getting.

Live Now is the result of an internationally working physiotherapist (currently based in Dubai) wanting to take her work online. There was the budget to create a beautiful site, however the systems implemented in to the site had to lead to results immediately so that the site could grow and the return from the investment used to grow the company fast.

The growth strategy for this brand was developed by our own Richard Moody and led the way the site should function. We at Bare Digital were tasked to create a website which worked with this approach while visually fulfilling the unique mission behind Live Now.

Having a clear strategy, and using it to create a refined goal for the website was the starting point to build the Live Now online platform on the WordPress CMS. This leads to a genuine tool that allows the owner of Live Now to have a better connection with her patients, all from a format where she can manage and treat patients online. Giving them a better service while building her freedom.

Focusing on the right things

Although the team at Live Now were already successfully physiotherapists, the online model was unproven for them so it was important that the website be built to achieve a minimum viable product on the WordPress content management system. From this, they can grow over time through our subscription services.

Live Now’s market is very particular, they require people to be not just be comfortable, but actually prefer to do the work with a physiotherapist online. This meant a younger, more techno-fluent market is the core audience.

These considerations combined with the unique needs to showcase the passion and love of travel the brand possessed results in a very bold, eye catching, but also professional and considered user journey.

By weaving the consultation process in with the story of the brand, and the benefits of the lifestyle promoted by Live Now, the user is invited to join in with the methods rather than given the hard sell. This reflects the friendly and genuine love the team have for their jobs.

Let it grow

A consideration for how a specific market uses the tool being created, what they are comfortable with, as well as knowledge of why and how the strategy to grow the business makes all the difference on this WordPress website. It is able to stand apart from its competitors precisely because the team was able to work with knowledge of how the brand will be promoted.

The site accomplishes it’s goal through a bold visual language, which seamlessly weaves the narrative behind the business in to the site. As the user navigates the site, learning more about the brand, they are frequently prompted to engage with their name and email and begin the consultation process.

All while only focusing on a few key ‘difference makers’ of the features gives the website a chance to organically grow, improve, and expand their reach over time, as their client base grows.