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JMB Property


Wordpress CMS


Making use of existing foundations

JMB Property knew they had to make a WordPress CMS website as they were losing out on potential online referrals. Even though they preferred to do business through word of mouth and personal relationships, they knew there may be a market that they are currently missing out on.

We worked with the owners to not move them away from what was working, but instead enhance it.

This is a common problem faced when businesses look to go online. Often times they may end up working with a team that believes the internet is the solution to all things, disregarding that many businesses have been very successful without extensive use of online strategies, and now simply need to take the next step but without disregarding everything thats makes them great so far.

Building on top of what’s already there

The design, build, and strategy behind the user journey developed for this WordPress CMS website was created with all the above points in mind. It’s there to lead to a traditional real relationship with new clients, but targeting those who were on the fence and needed a bit more information about the company.

It’s website who’s user journey is built around leading to make contact. It’s there to be a portfolio for those who have organically found they way to investigating what JMB property are about. No hard sell, no over promotion, just simply communicating how JMB do business.

At it’s heart, it’s about adding leads to JMB’s already busy schedule, and it do so by showcasing the premium work they do around the local area, (as well as focusing on what the area looked like before for extra credibility)

The best of both worlds

This WordPress CMS website does two things very well.

It showcases their great work, and then makes it easy for users to get in touch. A simple user journey, leading to new leads, but all deliberately done to not remove the organic face to face business which has made JMB such a success up to this point.

While also enhancing their brand image. Linking together with their in person and physical promotion to form a coherent message. When people land on the site, they view JMB Property as part of a larger platform, one that is highly present in their local area, and one that they feel they can trust to get the job done for them.