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Crossfit Poole


Crossfit Poole


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Make it it’s own

Crossfit Poole was one of the first Crossfit affiliates around the Bournemouth areas and is still going strong to this day, now competition with several other south coast Crossfit gyms.

The original brief was to create a website which captured the feeling of the south coast of the UK, while still featuring all the specialised functionality that a Crossfit website would need.

Bringing these unique elements of the south coast location, while also offering a premium Crossfit experience was a balancing act.

Balancing the body

The site balanced content which featured workout’s of the day, with the necessary functionality such as booking systems needed by a WordPress website like this one. Allowing people to renew their membership, get day passes for classes while simultaneously keeping up to date with the goings on of the gyms.

The visuals focus on presenting the key information to regular visitors, while also enticing new and potential new members. 

Witness the fitness

Despite being first created 5+ years ago, Crossfit Poole is still welcoming new members to it’s classes to this day. Now hosting events and continuing to offer the sport of fitness and WOD’s everyday.

Note: Crossfit Poole is now under new management and the live site has changed (hence why there is no link to the actual website) since we worked with the previous owner. Photography provided by the client.