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Bare Hands Combat Club


Maximising the impact

Online ecommerce is becoming a crowded field. The down side of it never being easier to build an online business is that competition to compete on price has never been higher. As more and more people build businesses with similar offerings, unless you want to invest heavily in paid marketing, then you need to stand out with a professional and bespoke ecommerce solution.

This is the problem facing Bare Hands Combat Club, who’s product’s have small margins and so they must maximise every single conversion, as well as every bit of interest in their brand that comes via social media.

We worked with them on their Shopify ecommerce website. In combination with a growth strategy developed by our own Richard Moody, we designed and developed an ecommerce solution that worked synergistically with the strategy for promotion and conversion the brand was adopting.

Content is king

The strategy used by the Bare Hands Combat Club is all about content. Quality content for it’s audience that tells and shares stories they would love, about those behind and linked with the brand.

By working with this strategy in mind, the Shopify store was designed from the ground up to enhance it. At the core of this, a fully bespoke and separately themed homepages which promoted a particular range, and that could be changed on the fly to work in unison with the online promotional campaigns. Creating a seamless and more consistent online experience for every user that interacted with the platform.

The site was deliberately built around key bespoke features so that it would stand out against other Shopify stores. By incorporating bespoke development and an online experience positions the brand as a premium offering simply by enhancing the functionality, and creating a custom solution through the site build.

A seamless link between the site, the strategy, and a unique experience on the page all contributed to a frictionless experience for the user, and make the brand stand out against their competitors. Increasing conversion, creating a lasting impression, and all without a huge investment in to a bespoke website.

The method is the message

Sometimes in design, it’s about using the right tools for the job. A lot of brands want to appear ‘premium’ however the way their site is built makes it obvious they can only invest a small amount and are trying to ‘gold plate’ their offering. No amount of fancy graphics or good photography can make up for a sloppily put together platform. A poorly built website lowers trust with the user (they ask themselves, is my credit card safe here?) and damages the reputation of the brand.

This is where the features of the site and the build became part of the design and execution of the goal.

The Bare Hands Combat Club now has a full Shopify ecommerce platform, linked with Instagram Shopping, Facebook Shopping and Mailchimp for repeat business (as part of Richard Moody’s Strategy) all seamlessly woven in to Shopify’s secure and effortlessly managed framework.