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Defining the problem

Afuera Tours are a Mallorca based cycling tours company that wanted to turn an already proven business model in to something that could reach more people and a repeatable source of income.

As a family run company, but one that also had a high end luxury target market, it was crucial to find the balance between conveying a premium experience while communicating a personal feel between the potential client and the team.

Although they wanted to keep costs low, no online site creation tools allowed them to create the bespoke journey they wanted to convey throughout the website, and so the WordPress CMS system became the perfect solution to their unique setup.

Telling their story

The needs of the WordPress website were unique, they wanted to use it as a tool to build and grow their client base, but based off their experience with their already successful tours. Afuera Tours (rightly) saw the website as a tool for the first step in the conversion process, knowing that due to the cost of their offering, it was unlikely to see a direct conversion through an online checkout.

With this understanding, the website acts as that first step in the conversion process. The entire layout, execution of the design, and curation of content is considered to end with a contact form that acts as that first point of contact for a potential client.

This turns in to Afuera’s on boarding process, and the team take over.

Through a combination of beautiful footage, imagery, and allowing beautiful Mallorca to sell itself, the design weaved the sales pitch in to the story of the brand. The entire website is to sell the company and the experience. It’s through this blend of narrative and considering the user experience that Afuera tours saw their visitors turn in to potential clients.

Unique solutions to a unique problem…

We produced the design and build of the website which fit the team’s needs perfectly, acting as the ‘missing link’ in the process the team at Afuera Tours were already devising. Through considering how they had their own unique marketing and business on-boarding strategy (which was a result of years of connections made organically while following a passion for cycling) it was important to produce a platform which complimented this unique system.

This unique and narrative based website is only made possible through the customisation available on the WordPress CMS system. Many online tools can create a basic website these days, but as soon as you have a unique user journey in mind you need to be able to take advantage of the customisation available from a content Management system and a website built custom for your user’s unique journey.