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Onsite Content Creation

Content marketing : A Fresh Stream Of Content

Eat, Sleep, Content, Repeat

It is highly likely that your websites blog or news area is a place for you to share your knowledge, experience or ideas with your site users through the use of your well written articles. This is great as it can encourage these users to interact, learn and grow, and maybe even share your article(s) on their social media pages which might increase the levels of traffic that your website is receiving. However, there is much more potential here than you might have first thought. A fresh stream of high quality Content being uploaded to your website will work wonders for your SEO and organic ranking as search engines will see your website as an information haven alongside adding multiple new backlinks to your website through the use of sharing these articles.

Writing consistent content to be published on your website can be time consuming and hard to think of, so let us give you that back and take this off your hands.

By the calender

Writing thought provoking, engaging content is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Content Marketing. Dig a little deeper and you will soon see that there is strategy and purpose behind every post that is written. Using our tried and tested custom content calendar, we are able to identify the most important seasonal events that occur within your company and industry, meaning that we can plan ahead to ensure that the most relevant content is being written, uploaded and shared at the best possible time. This will mean that you are one step ahead of the competition, so you begin to become the authority figure in your field.

Become The Authority Figure

In a world full of opinions, ideas and subjects to talk about, it can sometimes be hard for your target audience to hear your voice.

Everyone’s needs are different, so if you’re in need of a modern website, put together as part of a larger platform then drop an email to Rich below for a free 30 minute consultation and we can figure out how to take your online presence from good to great.

Who are we?

The team at the Bare Digital Company have been designing and building professional eCommerce solutions for over 10 years on open source ecommerce platforms and Shopify websites. With work experience gained from professional agencies within the esteemed design and digital hubs of the UK, our ecommerce expertise, and the unique ecommerce UX understanding, technical knowledge, and project management that goes with it is the result of working with hundreds of people and helping them find success online.

We now apply this knowledge to people looking to improve or start their online store journey. Making available the kind of experience and service that is usually behind a high up front cost or time investment not practical for smaller and mid size businesses.