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Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Engage and Re-engage with your customers

Use Your Email List

Almost all online businesses will have a way to obtain and collect their users names and email addresses, but many don’t know what to actually do with this information after collecting it – and the chances are, you are one of those businesses. When a user gives you this information, they are indicating that they are interested in your business/brand and want to be kept up to date with everything that your site has to offer. This is where Email Marketing comes into play as it allows you to instantly communicate with users who have shown this direct interest in you, your business and your brand.

When used correctly, Email Marketing can be effectively used to achieve the following:

Build upon brand awareness
Re-engage with users and customer retention
Drive more sales and ROI

The Beauty Of Email Marketing

There are many Reasons why Email Marketing is so effective, making it a crucial part of all Digital Marketing strategies. Below highlights why Email Marketing is a key component to increasing your website traffic, sales and revenue.

Email Is Easy To Access
With the ever growing popularity of people using their mobile phones to access websites, social media platforms and read emails, the chances of your email being opened, read and actioned is higher than ever.

Reconnect With Your Audience
Unlike any other Digital Marketing platform, Email Marketing allows you to reconnect with people who have personally signed up to knowing more about your company. With this in mind, these users are most likely to re-engage with your website again if you remind them to do so.

Various Ways To Reconnect
Email Marketing allows for a vast array of different ways to reconnect with your clients. You could share your story with a monthly newsletter, you could promote a new product that you are offering, or you could even give away a special promotional code which is only available to your customers via Email.

The Right Strategy For You
At Bare, we will work with you to help you achieve the goals that you want to achieve through your Email Marketing campaigns.

Using this information, we will create the correct strategy for your Email Campaigns to help you achieve these goals.

For each campaign, we can provide the following services:

  • Create a detailed Email Marketing strategy which will generate maximum results for each campaign.
  • Create a fully custom design which reflects your company branding.
  • Write engaging content that will be featured within the email.
  • Set up and send each Email Marketing campaign directly to your customers.
  • Provide you with detailed reports which highlight the successes of the campaign.

Get in touch with us today so we can start to re-engaging with your customers to help increase site traffic, sales and ROI through your new Email Marketing campaigns.

Everyone’s needs are different, so if you’re in need of a modern website, put together as part of a larger platform then drop an email to Rich below for a free 30 minute consultation and we can figure out how to take your online presence from good to great.

Who are we?

The team at the Bare Digital Company have been designing and building professional eCommerce solutions for over 10 years on open source ecommerce platforms and Shopify websites. With work experience gained from professional agencies within the esteemed design and digital hubs of the UK, our ecommerce expertise, and the unique ecommerce UX understanding, technical knowledge, and project management that goes with it is the result of working with hundreds of people and helping them find success online.

We now apply this knowledge to people looking to improve or start their online store journey. Making available the kind of experience and service that is usually behind a high up front cost or time investment not practical for smaller and mid size businesses.