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Digital Platforms: Content Managed Website.

Make no mistake, the new currency online is attention. Digital platforms are no longer just websites, they are the entire way your brand communicates online.

Put the web to work for you

Investing in your digital platform and website can be a frustrating process. The online world is forever changing and shows no signs of slowing down. While it’s never been easier to get a website that showcases what your brands about, it’s also never been harder to engage with the audience you’re trying to reach.

Maybe you’ve already tried to build a site, or maybe you’ve been surviving on social media alone, but now you’re at a point where you don’t know exactly what the next step is, but you do know that you’re ready to take it.

If you’ve been looking for ways to reach more people and have exhausted a lot of the traditional options, or if you’ve felt that more people could be making use of your existing website it might be time to start making the web work for you.

More people are turning to a website or an online presence as their first point of interest in your company.
What’s the first thing you do if you want to find out what time a store is open to or want to make a booking online? What do you do if that information is hard to find?

If your website doesn’t offer a seamless experience, if your site doesn’t match your brand, even something as simple as your website not displaying properly a phone can be the difference between a new enquiry, or a lost customer forever.

“Working with Richard was an absolute pleasure. Always obliging and super-efficient, he gave us a website which captured the absolute essence of our act. It has been a invaluable tool in the development of our product.”

Ferris and Milnes

A digital solution, not just a website

The problem with many people’s online presence is that ‘just enough’ isn’t always a good thing. This has a lot to do with how your online presence reflects on your brand or business as a whole. At it’s best, a website can be a source of real positive impact for your business, however unfortunately the reverse it true and at worst it could actively put off people from engaging with you.

Your online presence should be a source of business and engagement for you, and managing it should yield more results than being just another thing you feel you need to tick off. The best companies are making their full web presence, from their website through to their social media, a real asset which they leverage to create more engagement, a larger audience, and to become a source of positive results for their company.

If your end goal is to have a website that has your logo on it and that just ‘does the job’ as cheaply as possible, then we’re not for you. However, if the end goal is engagement, visitors, eyes on your brand and a full online system which drives these things to a beautiful, highly functional and results producing website, then check out your options below.

A Bare Digital platform.

We don’t just design and build a website and leave it there, we Implement SYSTEMS which actually drive traffic and engage with your audience.

We don’t just see a website, or a single social media page, we see your entire online presence as part of your own platform. This is everything you use to connect with your audience, and making everything fly in formation, you get a powerful online solution which has a real impact on your brand or business.

We look at how people genuienly interact with content these days. Gone are the days of typing ‘www.’ in to your web browser. Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram drive as much traffic as Google does. You need a web presence that actively considers your audience, how they behave online, is modern, up to date, and then serves a full digital solution to take advantage of this.

This is why we build Digital platforms.

A combination of a beautiful website which considers the user, social solutions which link together and drive people back to your brand, data driven communication and a solid brand identity. Platforms are a real asset to your business, that leads to real results.

Platform Options

The different packages are designed for new or existing website owners who want a digital platform that functions in line with the way people use the web today.

Content Managed Website

Perfect entry level option.

A fully designed content managed website, with built in user journey in line with your goals. Designed around your existing brand and identity and ready for you to update, manage and grow over time as your brand or business expands.

Full website plus branding

Perfect for new businesses or brands.

A website designed and built alongside a full identity for your brand or business. A logo, visual identity and brand will be expressed throughout a content managed website, which will be designed, built and then be made ready for you to use to engage with your new audience.

Full digital platform

For businesses ready to go to next level

A full visual identity, with systems to work between a freshly designed and built content managed website, as well as all the appropriate social media channels organised around the relevant marketing tools for your unique needs.

Everyone’s needs are different, so if you’re in need of a modern website, put together as part of a larger platform then drop an email to Rich below for a free 30 minute consultation and we can figure out how to take your online presence from good to great.

“It was important for us to work with a web designer who made every effort to understand our business and how we wished to present ourselves. Rich ticked all these boxes and more. He has been intuitive, creative and efficient in delivering our website.”

Nicky Barkes – JMB Property

Who are we?

The team at the Bare Digital Company have been designing and building professional eCommerce solutions for over 10 years on open source ecommerce platforms and Shopify websites. With work experience gained from professional agencies within the esteemed design and digital hubs of the UK, our ecommerce expertise, and the unique ecommerce UX understanding, technical knowledge, and project management that goes with it is the result of working with hundreds of people and helping them find success online.

We now apply this knowledge to people looking to improve or start their online store journey. Making available the kind of experience and service that is usually behind a high up front cost or time investment not practical for smaller and mid size businesses.