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A good product is not even half the battle

By working with many companies and entrepreneurs now who are setting up their own websites or wanting to build their first online stores. You start to notice the same threads and problems showing up different forms in every project. A trend i’ve noticed which is hard to spot is that often whoever’s project it is feels like they’ve identified the most important part of the process early on. They create a bias of what will be the game changer and leverage point for this particular projects success, and then (whether consciously or unconsciously) this leads them to focus a disproportionate amount of their resources (time and money or both) on it.

Besides leaving no room for adapting as you go, this is an especially dangerous trap when someone who works in a neighbouring industry to ecommerce decides to try their hand at creating a new store. Where as before they had to focus on their particular area, and make that area shine, they now have to consider the complete package. Even if you design a great WordPress site you might not be able to see the big picture to create a successful ecommerce store. Infact the way you look at the problem will likely be the biggest barrier to you doing so.

Why’s that though? Surely being in the industry can only help?

It all depends on where you biases lie. As you bring your own ideas of what’s important to the the act of creating a digital store such as a Shopify store, you’ll see different kinds of problems, and in this you’ll see a different a view of the project which will effect where you pour your resources.

Different kinds of problems.

We all see a problem that we can solve…

A marketer sees a marketing campaign which just needs a site attached and some inventory.

A designer sees a website which just needs ads to promote it and some stock sorted.

A salesman or entrepreneur may focus on finding and refining the perfect product and then create a quick website and marketing package to support it.

The inherent flaw with this is that all three miss the point. I titled the article ‘A good product is not even half the battle’ but the truth is that a good anything is not even half the battle.

Online success, such as creating a successful Shopify store is about conveying the message of your product and brand to your audience properly. This means choosing the right channels, marketing in the right style and tone, having a site with the appropriate UX to close the deal, and then putting it in front of the right people at the right time.

Then, even with all these elements considered and in play, you need to test and refine the process.

Don’t fool yourself

As humans, we’re wired to place importance on the things we invest the most time in. After all, if it’s at the forefront of our minds then it must be important right? However, you are but one person, and even though your universe revolves around you, the persons next you might currently revolve around something completely different. Just because you love disco music and think it’s overdue for a massive comeback doesn’t mean there’s going to be a nonstop traffic to your websites selling flares and platform shoes.

Just the same as you’ve placed a massive importance on your product and ignored design of your site, you can’t just apply your skillset, or what YOU believe to be of the most important element to making a successful online store and expect your target audience to respond in kind.

Create a full platform. Not just a nice site. Not just a clever marketing plan. Not just the perfect product. Combine all elements in to a full platform.

Leverage the platform to grow.

Refine what works and repeat,

and to see really rapid results…

… leave what you THINK should work out of it. Let actual results decide what’s ‘right’, not what you think should be right.

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